I can’t say enough good things about Current Physical Therapy and the terrific folks there. I began my treatment with a pain level too high to deal with, and treatment and recommended home exercises were apropos and reduced my pain level to the minimum. Thank you so much Nick, Eric, Kim and Toria, you did more good than you know!

Thomas D.

When people ask me, who my physical therapist is, I always say I go to Current Physical Therapy. The staff there are great, they even call me by my nickname every time I walk through the door. The fact that they remember me, even after I hadn’t seen them for about three months, well that makes the visits all the more special. I laugh and have fun there, even if I am a little sore afterwards (It’s a good kind of sore though). Plus I get to tease the staff and they tease me back. Really, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

Kamiko C.